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For exterior remodeling projects, where needed a concrete is the way to go. Besides being low maintenance and durable, concrete is also quite versatile. Gone are the days when concrete meant a dull and gray material. Nowadays, you can find stamped, stained, and textured concrete to elevate your property’s look.

When it comes to finding a reputable concrete contractor, Frederick residents know that Edram General Construction will deliver superior craftsmanship and excellent customer care. We serve commercial and residential properties and are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.


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Concrete Driveways and Walkways

Concrete is preferred for driveways and walkways, and it makes sense. Concrete slabs are tough, durable, and low maintenance, which are essential qualities for large areas that need to be paved. A nice driveway increases your property’s curb appeal, and walkways are required to connect different areas in your home or business.

Concrete Patio

Patios increase property value due to the popularity of having fully functional outdoor spaces. If you’re installing a patio, concrete is an ideal for this project. Your hardscape is there to add harmony to your entire landscape. You will need a well-designed concrete patio installed by a team of seasoned professionals.


Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are necessary to level slopes, prevent erosion, and even provide a seating area in your yard. Retaining walls need to support the weight of the earth laterally. For this reason, you need a strong material that will last a long time.

Concrete Steps

In addition to providing concrete steps installation, we also repair and replace damaged steps. Concrete steps that are uneven not only look bad but they’re also tripping hazards for anyone who comes into your home or business. Make sure your property is safe and looks its best with our concrete services.

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