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Residential And Commercial Roofing Service

By relying on efficient and affordable residential and commercial roofing installation service of Edram General Construction, homeowners in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Washington DC, and Virginia can have a new roof installed or repaired without breaking the bank; as a locally trusted company, our experienced team of residential and commercial roofing professionals will complete your project on time and budget all the while not disrupting your life.
New roofing can benefit your wallet in the long term by making a very affordable improvement to your home or business. Savings from areas such as
increased energy efficiency will also show over time. New roofing will keep out the elements and keep in heating and air conditioning better than older roofing.

Residential Roofing

01. Roof Inspection
Annual roof inspections are an essential part of the teal of your home. This inspection aims to ensure that your roof has no problems.

02. Roof Repair
If there are minor Problems, we can repair them. This repair will extend the life of your roof and keep it from deteriorating further.

03. Roof replacement
If your roof has significant damage, we’ll recommend a replacement.
This replacement will ensure that your house stays safe for many years.

Commercial Roofing

01. Roof Inspection
Our team of experienced inspectors will perform a thorough visual inspection of your commercial roof to determine the condition of the membrane, flashings, and other components.

02. Commercial Roofing Services
Commercial roofing is an essential consideration for any business or property, so it’s important to hire a professional with the experience to do the job right.
We offer a variety of commercial roofing services, including (but not limited to): Commercial Buildings, Retail stores, Flat roofs, Condominiums

Our expert will explain your rights as a claimant and best practices for filing your claim, and we can assist you in filing the claim.
As the roofer, we can communicate with your insurance company and adjusters to explain our proposed scope of work.

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