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Have you ever had issues with noisy neighbors or had complaints from neighbors about your noise? Whether you’re a musician, have a home office, or have a big and loud family, you might be aware of how noise can be a disturbance for those around you. In this case, you might be interested in soundproofing measures.

Soundproofing a room can be done in various ways, from simply placing a double layer of regular drywall to utilizing specific framing and insulation techniques to lower the sound transmission rating of the walls. However, soundproof drywall products have recently gained popularity to minimize sound transmission. They may efficiently provide soundproofing to walls where re-framing or other structural measures are not feasible. The best course of action is to hire an experienced company that can efficiently insulate the walls.


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Edram General Construction is the company to call for those looking for soundproofing in Frederick MD. We serve commercial and residential properties and have a strong commitment to meeting and exceeding your expectations, providing superior customer service and craftsmanship.



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Insulation is an intelligent way to save money on your utility costs, improve your comfort, and improve the air quality in your house or workplace. After insulation, your property will be more structurally sound and quieter. We can manage your property’s construction or renovation project from start to finish since we’re not only insulation experts but also experienced home remodelers.

Edram General Construction can assist you if you’re seeking for a dependable team of professionals to apply high-quality insulation and repair drywall. It’s challenging to find a company that maintains a balance between enthusiasm, knowledge, and a solid focus on customer experience. That’s why we go above and beyond — because your home, money, and peace of mind deserve the best.