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Even the best windows eventually need to be replaced or repaired. And while you might follow the suggested frequent window washing and maintenance, wear and tear is a natural occurrence. Old window frames, exposure to the elements, chips, and damage from scratches and accidents in the home are all contributing factors. A team of committed specialists can decide whether it is time to repair your windows or if you require complete window replacement.

Are you looking for a dependable contractor that will provide you with high-quality window replacement services? Your pursuit of a skilled general contractor in Frederick, MD, has come to an end. Edram General Construction is the remodeling company to call if you need help with any phase of your home or business renovation. We’ll design a solution that fits your lifestyle from start to finish, from conception to execution.

Any glass in your house may be repaired, replaced, renovated, or protected by our courteous, skilled professionals. Rather than replacing the entire window or door, we may often replace cracked or chipped glass in single panes. Consider innovative glass products if you want to improve the aesthetic, comfort, and energy efficiency of your house, as well as raise the value of your property.


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Window Replacement



Replace Rotten Wood Window Frames

Wooden frames are particularly vulnerable to weather and moisture damage. They can, however, be easily brought back to life if treated immediately and appropriately. Wood that has been rotting to the core is one of the things to keep an eye out for. This demands a total replacement of the rail, window sash, or whole frame.

Say Goodbye to Your Outdated Windows

Windows are continuously changing in terms of design, construction, and materials used to produce and repair them. It’s hardly surprising that old fixtures become obsolete when quality and requirements change. Minor problems such as chips and damaged seals can be fixed, but it is best to replace the windows if they continue to occur.

There are several alternatives on the market today, including energy-efficient windows with a variety of frame materials. You’ll also notice that the older your windows are, the more difficult it is to obtain replacement components. As a result, even for minor glass damage, window replacement is frequently the more cost-effective alternative.