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Top Rated Interior and Exterior Painters Serving MARYLAND – WASHINGTON DC – VIRGINIA – WEST VIRGINIA – PENNSYLVANIA.

When it comes to painting in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania Edram General Construction always been called the company obsessed with details, and on that note, our reply is always the same – guilty as charged! The truth is, we take pride in our painting, and it’s a difference you’ll appreciate first hand. Paint is one of our specialties!

When it comes to exteriors, we never forget that as important as our fresh paint is as a first line of defense against nature’s harsh elements, it’s also a very personal expression of your tastes. From our careful surface preparation, to the care we take in working with you to ensure just the right color palette for your home, every aspect of your project is neatly managed. We pride ourselves on our surface preparation and quality. We also know that your deck is often the gathering spot for summer BBQs. We can power wash your deck and apply a fresh coat of stain or sealant to protect and update it.

Does your home have some rotten fascia boards, rotten window frames or rotten molding? No problem, we can replace most exterior trim and often use PVC composite trim for replacement.

For interiors, we love nothing more than helping you re-invent your living space with color choices just right for every room, so go on and be creative, but most importantly, understand that we’ll treat your home with the care and respect it deserves, just as we would our own, and on that point we never compromise.

• When it comes to painting we know price is a factor. We pride ourselves on being an affordable option for your interior and exterior painting projects. Our painters are top notch but our prices are not. Edram General Construction has competitive pricing, but maintains a high level of quality and service.

• Our painting staff is comprised of top-notch full-time professionals who rank among the very best in the business, not day laborers or journeymen merely passing through.
• We make no room for shortcuts – ever. Whether it’s carefully removing the faceplates on your electrical outlets and light switches before we paint, patching and sanding every blemish and crack throughout your home, or reviewing every aspect of our work with a fine-tooth comb, we’re never satisfied until you are.

• We take tidiness to the extreme. Let’s face it, you’re hiring us to make your home beautiful, not to trample your bushes and leave paint chips in your mulch, or to drip and spill paint where it doesn’t belong. We’re consummate pros, and that means the appearance of our work areas is just as important to us our finished product. We carefully cover and protect your possessions both inside and out at all times.

You’ve taken the time to visit us here online and we appreciate your interest. Now let us show you what we can do.

Ready to discuss how we can transform your home with a fresh paint? Please feel free to give us a call, (240) 626 – 6489 to discuss your projects, or reach us via our online contact form to schedule a free estimate!