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Tanat improvements

Tenant improvements that are classified as repairs typically involve fixing or maintaining existing features of the rental property, rather than making new or additional changes. Examples of tenant repairs might include fixing a leaky faucet, replacing a broken window, or repairing a damaged wall.

As a tenant, it is generally your responsibility to notify the landlord of any repairs that are needed and to take care of any minor repairs that you are capable of handling yourself. For more significant repairs, the landlord is typically responsible for hiring a professional to fix the issue. It is important to follow the terms of your lease agreement and any applicable laws regarding the repair and maintenance of the rental property.

Tenant improvements, also known as tenant buildouts, refer to renovations or modifications made to a rental property by the tenant to suit their specific needs or preferences. These improvements are typically made at the tenant’s own expense, and may include things like installing new floors, painting, or adding fixtures.

In some cases, a landlord may agree to cover the cost of tenant improvements as part of the lease agreement, or may allow the tenant to make the improvements in exchange for a higher rent payment. It is important for tenants to carefully review their lease agreement and negotiate any tenant improvement provisions with the landlord before making any changes to the rental property.